Thursday, December 18, 2008

Speak English Like an American Chapter 4 Vocabulary

1. Butt in- 打岔
2. Drive one crazy- 使某人抓狂
3. To go into- 投入(某一個行業)
4. Green with envy- 羨慕極了
5. Gung ho- 非常熱誠地
6. Head and shoulders above- 勝過,超越
7. Hit the nail on the head- 一針見血,切中要害
8. Be on thin ice- 處在危險境地
9. Pay (someone) a compliment- 稱贊(某人)
10. Shake in one’s shoes- 害怕到發抖
11. Shut up- 閉嘴
12. Way to go- 做得好

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