Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chapter 2 Phrases

Change one’s mind- 改變心意
Easier said than done- 說比做容易
Get canned- 被炒魷魚
Hang in there- 撐著點
If worse comes to worse- 若情況越來越糟
Keep your chin up- 保持樂觀
The last resort- 最後的方法
Live from hand to mouth- 剛好可以糊口
Look on the bright side-保持樂觀
Make ends meet- 收入勉強夠
Make up your mind- 做決定
Out of work- 沒有工作
Right hand man- 得力助手
Set eyes on- 設立目標
Stab someone in the back- 暗箭傷人
Be stressed out- 壓力很大
Tell (someone) off- 咆哮
Thank goodness- 謝天謝地(菩薩有保佑)
Think big- 雄心壯志
What’s the matter?-怎麼了?
When pigs fly- 癡心妄想

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